CLR01 Product Description

CLR-01 Specifications

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Power Requirements: 9 to 14.5Vdc

Power Consumption: 20mA

Power Dissipation: .5 watt maximum

Operating Temperature: Normal 14 to 105 F (-10 to 40 C) Extreme 0 to 185 F (-18 to 85C)

Humidity: 0 to 90% Non-Condensing

Physical Characteristics:

Weight: 1.1 oz., 34 grams (Standard Case)


Diameter: 1.15" (30mm) Standard Case

Length: 1.83" (47mm) Standard Case

Color: Standard Black

Case: Metal/Plastic Composition

Environmental Characteristics:

Chemical Resistant

Oil Resistant

Water Resistant to CFR46 part 110.20, NEMA 4 (1 hour @ 6 feet)

Shock Resistance to 10G Impact (Flat Surface, Multi-Strike)

Video Output:

Sync: NTSC

Pixel Format: 510 x 492

Imager: Color

Connection: Moisture Resistant 6 pin 1/4 Turn Twist-Lock with Gold Plate Female Contacts

Signal Load: 75 Ohm

Video Features:

Technology: CMOS

Automatic Controls:

  • Gain
  • White Balance
  • Exposure
  • Fixed Controls: Focal Length 6MM Infinite Focus

    Image Output Origin: (mirror, Flip)

    Len: F 2.8

    IR/UV Cut Filters

    Illumination Sensitivity: 2.0Lux

    patent pending